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25 Quotes to Start Your New Year Laughing

No single word aptly captures a description for the year 2020, but if faced with a choice the word “unprecedented” would seemingly fit. As we leave the chaos of 2020 behind and prepare for the new year, we thought a few clever comments and quotes might be in order to usher in the new year.  Enjoy these gems from various unknown sources.

  1. Anyone else concerned about the 2020 season finale?
  2. 2020 was a unique leap year. It had 29 days in February. 300 days in March, and five years in April.
  3. Can we uninstall 2020 and install it again? This version has a virus.
  4. Here’s hoping 2020 really is hindsight.
  5. On the bright side, we never got used to writing 2020 on things.
  6. Coronavirus turned us all into dogs; we roam the house looking for food, we’re told, “no” if we get too close to strangers, and we get really excited about car rides and walks.
  7. In retrospect, not a single person in 2015 got the answer right to, “Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?”
  8. I’m not saying I stink at homeschooling my kids, but my daughter asked, “Dad, what’s a synonym?” And I replied, “It’s a spice.”
  9. If they called it the “stay at home challenge” and posted it on social media, things would be completely back to normal by now.
  10. I still can’t believe people’s survival instincts told them to grab toilet paper.
  11. One day 2020 will be code for everything out of control. “How was your day?” “A total 2020.”
  12. Written by Stephen King. Directed by Quentin Tarantino.
  13. Alexa, skip to 2021.
  14. I tried making my own hand sanitizer, but it came out as a quarantini.
  15. I’m going to ask my mom if the offer to slap me into next year still stands.
  16. Now that we have everyone washing their hands correctly…next week, turn signals.
  17. Pretty wild how we used to eat cake after someone blew on it.
  18. First rule of 2021: No one talks about 2020.
  19. After 2020, my 2021 expectations are lowering faster than the ball in Times Square.
  20. Pop, Clink, Fizz! (Alka Seltzer and not champagne).
  21. It’s been real. It’s been nice. But it hasn’t been real nice.
  22. I’m not buying a planner in 2021 until I see the trailer.
  23. Before I agree to 2021 I need to see some Terms and Conditions.
  24. Not muting your mic is the new reply all.
  25. So far, we’ve seen no, “2021 is going to be my year,” posts.
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