A Binding Contract

Thousands of real estate transactions take place throughout Illinois each year. Typically, a buyer through his or her real estate agent submit an offer to purchase a property and a seller accepts with a signature forming a binding contract. In some instances, the party names listed on the contract may be inaccurate. Perhaps the sellerContinue reading “A Binding Contract”

What to Know Before Buying Real Estate “As Is”

The law permits the transfer of property, including real estate in the condition in which it exists (often referred to “as is”).  All buyers should be aware of what this term means, and its implications.  Under the most commonly used Real Estate Purchase Contracts1 note the following: Date of Acceptance-The condition of the property isContinue reading “What to Know Before Buying Real Estate “As Is””

Expenses to Consider When Upgrading Your Home

For many, homeownership often includes the desire to eventually purchase a larger dream home. Whether you are thinking about upgrading to gain more room for yourself or a growing family, it is important to consider all increases, not just square feet. Taxes and insurance – Property taxes are based upon the value of the homeContinue reading “Expenses to Consider When Upgrading Your Home”

Tips to Sell Your Home during Winter

Winter is commonly known as the real estate off-season. However, sometimes homeowners must put their house on the market during colder months. If you have committed to selling your home at this time of the year, consider these tips. Price Rather than gradually decreasing the listing price, set the initial price reflective of the valueContinue reading “Tips to Sell Your Home during Winter”