Employment Law

Employment Agreements

When seeking to fill a role within your organization or if you are accepting a job offer, contacting an attorney to review documentation is crucial to protecting your interests. Such an agreement may have lasting effects that should be carefully considered. Our attorneys’ attention to detail will identify crucial components and help you make the best decisions possible.

Employee Manuals

Establishing employee manuals in order to clarify office practices and policies is crucial to preventing disputes and costly litigation. Employee manuals establish a fundamental understanding of a company’s rules and also improve productivity. Our professional team has experience drafting and revising such documents, easing the jobs of employers and employees.

Employee Disputes & Terminations

When faced with the often delicate situation of employer-employee disputes, the Law Offices of Edward P. Graham can represent you in a variety of ways depending on your interests. Some situations will benefit from alternative dispute resolution, while others may call for court order(s) and judgments. Our attorneys will provide a candid assessment and various options to solve your disputes.