Landlord and Tenant

Lease Drafting and Negotiation

Our Naperville, Illinois law firm has a wide array of experience in drafting and negotiating commercial leases. As our client, you can be assured we will assume responsibility to draft a lease with care that not only meets your specific objectives, but is crafted to deliver the best results utilizing the full breadth of our experiences. Call our office to schedule an initial consultation with an experienced attorney who will discuss with you the various options available, depending on your specific needs. Our previous experience in landlord-tenant matters gives us a unique perspective from which to evaluate and develop residential and commercial leases. As our client, you can expect the Law Offices of Edward P. Graham, Ltd. will explore all possible legal solutions and work diligently to ensure your legal rights are protected.


The primary question in an eviction proceeding relates to whether an “Order of Possession” can be obtained from the Court. If entered, this Order allows the landlord to take possession of the property and might also include a judgment for past due rent, court costs, and attorney fees. A landlord must serve the tenant with proper written notice of a demand for rent or other violation of a lease before civil action can be brought and a hearing date set. Improper notice could be a legal defense to an eviction and a consultation with one of our experienced Eviction attorneys will provide you with the necessary legal guidance through the entire process.

Whether you are a landlord with a rental dispute, or a tenant that has been served with an eviction notice, the Law Offices of Edward P. Graham, Ltd. in Naperville, IL has an experienced Eviction attorney to guide you through your landlord-tenant issue and ensure your rights are protected. We are confident that our broad array of experience in representing commercial and residential landlords, as well as tenants, in eviction proceedings will serve you well.