Our American system of justice offers remedies for dispute resolution in a variety of ways. The traditional approach has allowed litigants to seek remedies through the court system over the years. In recent years, parties to a dispute have sought redress through alternative forms of dispute resolution, including arbitration and mediation. Each form has its advantages and disadvantages and should be considered if you have a dispute. The Law Offices of Edward P. Graham, Ltd. consider the referral of a matter which requires resolution to be a task of highest importance, and seek to apply an advocacy approach to obtain your desired results.

This mission may require engagement in trial, or due to various considerations, may result in pursuit of a negotiated settlement. In either case, you can expect an attorney knowledgeable with the facts and law, and prepared to effectively manage your matter to its conclusion.

The litigation attorneys of the Law Offices of Edward P. Graham, Ltd. are committed to excellence and the achievement of justice. Whether your matter is a disagreement in business or commerce, involves land development issues, or a myriad of personal issues such as a divorce, personal injury or a criminal case, you can be assured that you have an advocate dedicated to your cause. The combined experience of over 25 years, together with the central mission to provide high-quality representation, has led to numerous client successes.