Personal Injury

Auto Accidents, Slip & Fall, Product Liability, Catastrophic Injuries and Death

Personal injury is an injury to one’s physical or mental well-being that may arise from either an intentional act or simple carelessness on the part of another person. Personal injury is an area of law designed to protect individuals harmed by acts or omissions of others. Personal injury can be both stressful and emotional and often devastates the entire family. If you are considering pursuing a personal injury claim, it is in your best interest to give the Law Offices of Edward P. Graham, Ltd. a call and engage a personal injury attorney to ensure you get the compensation you deserve, help you understand your legal rights, and guide you through the entire process of filing a personal injury claim.

The Personal Injury attorneys at the Law Offices of Edward P. Graham, Ltd. in Naperville, IL have the experience in providing aggressive representation to individuals who have been injured both physically and financially as a result of another’s negligence. Our dedicated Personal Injury attorneys handle a wide array of personal injury cases including automobile accidents, dog bites, slip and fall accidents, product liability and catastrophic injuries, and even death. If you are considering a personal injury claim, the Law Offices of Edward P. Graham, Ltd. offers a consultation to evaluate the merits of your claim and will explore all possible legal solutions with you. We will join you in developing a strategy to achieve the most advantageous resolution for you.

Worker’s Compensation

Injuries also commonly occur in the workplace and Illinois provides a separate statutory framework for employees to recover for medical expenses incurred and entitlements to compensation for both temporary and permanent injury. The Worker’s Compensation attorneys at the Law Offices of Edward P. Graham, Ltd. will be your advocate to pursue your entitlements should you experience injury in the workplace.