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Lawyers Provide Steadfast Guidance Amid Family Law Challenges

Since 1995, our Naperville, Illinois, family law attorneys have helped clients in DuPage, Will, Cook, Kane, and Kendall counties to resolve complex legal issues affecting their families and their future. At mid-year in 2022, we expanded our service area to Porter, LaPorte, and Lake counties in Indiana. Trust our knowledgeable team to guide you through family law matters relating to:

  • Adoption. One of the most rewarding life experiences is raising a child. Adoption provides that opportunity for many parents. Unfortunately, the legal process for adoptions in Illinois and Indiana can be complex. Errors can be costly and time-consuming. Lean on us for compassionate adoption guidance. We help you bring an adopted child into your loving home.
  • Parenting Time (formerly “physical custody”). Questions over the care and custody of children raised in Chicago, Illinois, and surrounding collar counties involved in family law cases are often among the most emotionally charged aspects of a divorce or breakup. Ensuring your voice is heard on all matters relating to the well-being and care of your children is vital. Our family law attorney(s) advocate for you to pursue parenting time designed to meet the children’s best interests based on standards used in Illinois and Indiana.
  • Child support.A divorce or parentage action involving children also requires establishing proper financial contributions from each parent in meeting the needs of their children. Our family lawyer(s) serving the suburbs west of Chicago and Indiana counties like Porter, LaPorte, and Lake provide experience and proficiency in fixing proper support levels to benefit our clients and their children.
  • Divorce. The end of a marriage is both an emotional and complex process. Our divorce representation in our Naperville, IL office helps manage this life-changing experience, effectively shouldering the load to ease your burden and achieve the best possible results. From the financial issues to child-related concerns, we work diligently to protect your best interests in the dissolution of your marriage.
  • Post Decree. Occasional disputes surface over issues that arise after the completion of the underlying divorce or parentage proceeding. Sometimes, issues arise because the divorce statute allows them to be raised after completing the initial divorce.

Our Chicago suburb and Indiana family law attorney(s) will guide you through all types of family law issues. We respond timely and effectively to secure your position, protecting your interests and your family’s future.

The Law Office of Edward P. Graham, Ltd. has assisted clients like you and your loved ones for nearly 30 years and understands and implements successful strategies in estate planning, business lawIllinois/Indiana litigation, probate, family law, and real estate law. We urge you to contact our Naperville office to learn more about how we can help meet your family law needs in DuPage County, Will County, Kane County, and other surrounding counties in Illinois. Contact our Indiana office to address your family law needs if you live in Porter County, Lake County, and LaPorte County in Indiana.

The perfect balance of empathy and advocacy.

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