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After an Illinois divorce proceeding has been finalized, issues may arise that require a re-evaluation or adjustment, whether related to spousal maintenance, child support, parenting time, or post-secondary education expenses. If you find legal issues resurfacing from your divorce that need to be examined, contact our Naperville family law attorneys.

The Process of an Illinois Post Decree Case

A post-decree case in Illinois refers to modifying the terms initially ordered in a divorce matter. In some cases, circumstances may change in a way that the original terms can no longer be performed by either or both parties in Illinois. The post-decree process in Illinois can be complicated and time-consuming. Working with a Naperville post-decree lawyer can help you navigate the process by gathering evidence or documentation to prove the need to modify the original case in Illinois.

Experienced Illinois Post Decree Attorney

Our Naperville law firm is dedicated to the success of your post-decree matter in Illinois. Our experienced Illinois post-decree attorneys will undertake management and employ tactics in pursuit of your objectives. When you are faced with a post-decree case in Illinois that may involve parenting time, maintenance, child support, or a host of other issues, our trusted attorneys can help you navigate the difficult situation and advocate for the fair resolution you seek.

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