Corporate Transactions

Mergers and Acquisitions

The sale or purchase of a business typically proceeds in three steps: contract formation, a due-diligence period and finally closing. Although the bulk of a transaction is accounted for by the terms of a purchase-sale agreement, other documents such as deeds, bills of sale and other transactional documents will be needed.

Sales of Assets

Too often, businesses hastily sign contracts for buying or selling large commercial assets. Simply missing a detail could lead to significant losses. Our attorneys have experience with the little details that make a big difference, reduce costs and minimize risks.

Sales of Stock

When seeking to buy or sell stock of a company — for either financial or ownership purposes — our team of professionals can assist with paperwork and assure a smooth transaction.

Succession & Exit Planning

Business succession is a major decision for any company or individual, thus considerable planning and thought should be part of the process. Developing a plan is often postponed and hastily thrown together. At the Law Offices of Edward P. Graham, however, we understand the complexities of the endeavor and are able to assist in these transitions.


Buying and selling assets or entire organizations can be a daunting task. Fundamentally, a contract determines the terms with which the process is executed and completed, so having a full understanding of the various conditions of such a large transaction is vital. Our professional staff strives to reduce risk and increase favorable outcomes for our clients by identifying the issues others fail to recognize and proactively seeking the best solution.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

When the terms of a transactional contract are compromised, companies face the risk of potentially detrimental losses. At the Law Offices of Edward P. Graham, our focus is to resolve disputes in the most economic fashion while assuring the best possible outcomes for our clients. Informal dispute resolution is often attempted in order to avoid court cases decided by a judge which have a tendency to be costly and lengthy.


When business owners choose to end a business endeavor and dissolve their company, asset disposition and financial responsibilities are likely to surface. To aid the process and avoid court involvement, where possible, our team of professionals is available to resolve conflicts and create binding agreements.