Planning & Development

Corporate Minutes and Records

Keeping accurate, up-to-date records allows a company the security, comfort and knowledge that their personal wealth is insulated from claims from their business. Should a claim arise, the simple act of record keeping acts like an insurance policy. Our professional team performs these tasks for dozens of enterprises.

Corporate/LLC Maintenance and Annual Compliance

Signing incorporation documents is only the first step when it comes to forming an entity. Documenting the annual renewal of the state charter and significant actions of the business are required to keep protections from personal liability intact. Our experienced corporate record professionals provide these valuable services, giving you the freedom to focus on running your business.

Business Financing

Getting past the industry’s terminology in order to secure capital for your business can be quite a difficult process. Many entrepreneurs rush past the beginning phases for acquiring money by simply signing where indicated. Financing transactions can be incredibly complex and an experienced attorney is needed to explain the consequences – both explicit and implicit.

Creation and Negotiation of Contracts

The importance of high-quality business contracts cannot be overstated. Drafted properly, contractual agreements are advantageous for both parties and minimize specific risks for our clients. By properly documenting agreements, costly litigation may be minimized, or avoided altogether.

Commercial Leases

The physical location and facilities for a business can greatly affect its operations. If your business is in need of a location (or relocation), our professional team can help write leasing contracts and assure that you are receiving desirable terms.