Land Development


Zoning ordinances are used to control the development of land, including the kinds of use to which each individual property may be put. Local zoning laws will specify the areas in which residential, commercial, industrial, or other uses may take place. Besides controlling uses, zoning laws are also used to regulate dimensional requirements for lots, setbacks and other restrictions.

As a property owner, you may need to be aware of the changes or additions that can be made to your property. Zoning ordinances regulate not only building or remodeling a structure on your property, but also decks, fences, pools, and even underground sprinkler systems in some municipalities. Should your plans for improvements not meet local zoning code, you have several options available: 1) you can modify your plan to meet the zoning regulations of the local municipality, 2) look for other land zoned to permit your proposed use, or 3) apply for a variance or conditional use or nonconforming use permit.

The Law Offices of Edward P. Graham, Ltd. in Naperville, IL has unique insight and extensive experience in property zoning law. We have appeared before local governmental units and their commissions, and have a broad knowledge with an array of land use matters. A seasoned Zoning attorney can effectively analyze and negotiate resolution of the issues, make recommendations, help prepare a presentation before a public body, and advise you on the best strategy to achieve your land use objectives.


Municipalities are authorized to expand their boundaries into unincorporated areas through a process called annexation. Annexation allows cities to expand their jurisdictional boundaries to accommodate future development. Annexation is governed by law (Illinois Compiled Statutes, Chapter 65 ILCS 5/7-1) and may require strict compliance with lawful process including, holding public hearings, submitting proper filings with officials, scheduling review by a planning commission and ultimately, gaining the approval of a village board, city council, or county government. If all the obligations of the law are not followed, the annexation can be invalidated and could result in a costly interruption of development.

Edward P. Graham has been a municipal Attorney with over 16 years working directly with municipalities, and has experience and knowledge in annexation and other land development matters. The Law Offices of Edward P. Graham, Ltd. has also represented numerous developers, realtors, and property owners through the annexation and development process. With over 25 years combined attorney experience, our firm provides dedicated case management, personal attention, reasonable legal fees and steadfast guidance to effectively manage your legal issues.


Subdivision refers to the act of dividing a lot, tract, or parcel of land into two or more parts that are easier to sell or otherwise develop, usually through the use of a plat. A plat is a map, drawn to scale, showing how the parcel of land is divided. A plat of subdivision is the graphic depiction used when a property owner or local municipality divides land into smaller parcels. The division of a large parcel into several lots can significantly increase its value and marketability. There are many requirements in order to complete the plat and subdivision process. If you are contemplating the subdivision of land, it is advisable to confer with a skilled attorney to fully understand the implication of the local subdivision control laws and how they might impact your project.

The Law Offices of Edward P. Graham, Ltd. has provided assistance to property owners, developers and municipalities throughout the entire subdivision process. Our accomplished attorneys can provide counsel through every step of the land use approval process including approval of subdivision plats, site plans approvals, special use permits, and variances. Our attorneys regularly appear before zoning boards and planning commissions, and have represented both individual and business clients seeking to obtain zoning and planning approvals for various projects. Our firm is experienced in analyzing applicable zoning regulations and providing practical and effective service to ensure your project is accomplished in a cost-effective and timely manner.