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Proposed Settlement in DOJ Case Against National Association of Realtors

Several weeks ago, the United States Department of Justice filed a complaint against the National Association of Realtors for alleged anticompetitive acts. In addition to filing the complaint, the DOJ proposed a Final Judgement or settlement for the case. It is unclear if settlement in this case will affect the outcome of a lawsuit filed by homeowners against the National Association of Realtors and four major brokerages. If this judgment is approved, the settlement will require the association to:

  1. Be more transparent about the commissions due to buyer brokers
  2. Stop falsely indicating buyer brokers do not charge for their services
  3. Repeal rules that bar filtering listings of the multiple listing service based on the level of buyer commission
  4. Stop limiting access to lock boxes of real estate brokers affiliated with the association

We will continue to provide updates on this case as it develops.

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