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Tips to Sell Your Home during Winter

Winter is commonly known as the real estate off-season. However, sometimes homeowners must put their house on the market during colder months. If you have committed to selling your home at this time of the year, consider these tips.


Rather than gradually decreasing the listing price, set the initial price reflective of the value of the home. As a seller you should still anticipate a fair sale value, but offers may be less frequent and will rarely exceed the listing value. This will be enticing to buyers, which is important when the market demand is lower.


In this era, pictures are the first impression that house hunters will have. For this reason, it is important to ensure that posted pictures are appealing and professional. Pictures also tend to look best in the springtime, so take pictures ahead of time, if possible.

Be thorough in decorating, but beware of going overboard with holiday decorations. Also remember, winter can be dark, make sure that your home is well-lit.

Regardless of the season that you are planning on selling, it is always valuable to display your home as one that potential homebuyers can envision themselves living in. However, in the wintertime, it is especially important to make certain that your home is physically warm and comfortable for buyers that are coming in from the cold. It will be more apparent if your home has a natural draft in the winter. Set your heater to a comfortable level and turn on the fireplace for additional appeal.


Choose a reliable agent. Ask friends and family for a realtor referral. When you contact the agent, you will want to make sure they will be available during the time you are hoping to sell since it is a popular time for vacations to warmer places.


Anticipate negotiations and prepare to make reasonable accommodations, such as adjusting the closing date.

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