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Why a Business Needs an Attorney

Starting a business is an energizing experience for those with the entrepreneurial spirit that often involves developing a partnership with various individuals – an accountant and a commercial banker for example. Often, business owners may overlook the benefits of legal representation both in forming the business and then beyond.

Below are some reasons why having an experienced counselor at law on your contact list is important:

  1. Save time by allowing an attorney to draft documents on behalf of your business, especially the required annual compliance documents in the state of Illinois.
  2. By allowing an attorney to draft documents for the business he or she already has an understanding of the business’ operations allowing for more knowledgeable representation in the event of a lawsuit or other business need.
  3. A well-connected business law attorney can be a window to effective referrals of professionals by providing the right resource for specialized non-legal business needs.
  4. Protect yourself from potential threats with sound advice and legal agreements drafted by an effective attorney entrusted to limit your legal liability.
  5. A business attorney can help you collect receivables faster by sending reminder notices to your clients. If required, your business attorney can also take more aggressive measures on your behalf to protect or advance your business interest.
  6. Keep your workplace policies current and compliant with new laws by ensuring they are periodically reviewed.

We believe it is important to develop a lasting partnership to navigate you and your business through all the legal obstacles you may encounter along the way. If you have or are in the process of starting a business, contact our office at (630)357-2333 to schedule your initial conference.

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