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Enjoy the Holiday Safely

The July 4th holiday is one of busiest times for travel across the United States. As millions of people head out to enjoy the summer weather, it is important to remember to enjoy the holiday safely, whether you are on the road, the water, or in a backyard. Here are some helpful laws to remember over the 4th of July weekend this year:

Arrive Safely

Getting pulled over in your home state presents enough inconvenience, what with taking off work, sitting in a courtroom and facing expensive fines and costs. But new levels of inconvenience and aggravation are reached if you are pulled over for speeding or other moving violations in a distant town or village where you could end up making a return trip to that distant town to contest the ticket. Play it safe and follow the rules of the road.

Don’t Get Stuck with a BUI or BWI

Boating or operating other watercraft under the influence can lead to serious consequences that include suspension of your driver’s license and/or heavy fines for each offense. While you should enjoy the relaxation that comes with being on a watercraft on lake or river in the summer, boating accidents can be just as hazardous and result in serious injury (or even death) just as car accidents.

Firework Laws Vary

The most recognizable highway billboards that could replace the Illinois state line sign would be the famous firework advertisements. Most of us likely stick to mini-delights like sparklers and smoke bombs, and don’t venture into the more spectacular explosives.  However, if your family is looking for flashier fun, read up on the fireworks laws in the particular state where you’ll be heading. For example, Wisconsin requires permits for certain fireworks. Other states have noise ordinances in place limiting fireworks after certain hours. Wherever you go, exercise safety and enjoy the colorful celebrations of Independence Day!

If you are one of the millions of families leaving town or the state for the July 4th weekend, we hope you have a safe trip and enjoy the time with family and friends. Should you require legal services, we’ll be back in the office July 6th.

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